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New Analogue Collage Pieces

This week I posted a collection of recent collage work in my online portfolio. The materials are sourced from various things, Japanese, German, American, British. Handling paper and real glue is an interesting change from working on the computer. With paper collage you work with the limits of what you have. Many of the resulting pieces have odd effects. But then some of the original material had its own surrealism. I hope you enjoy perusing them. Please use the contact page to get in touch for a purchase or commission if you are interested.

The site is back.

After a long break this site is now back.
I look forward to posting news more regularly about work and events here.
Thank you for calling by this site If by chance you are looking for my surface patterns and designs, they are over at
If you are interested in buying, commissioning, or exchanging ideas about projects like those featured on this site please reach out using the contact page. I’d love to hear from you.